Mert Hage
Mert Hage
Key information
Birth place USA
Status Alive
Profession Casino Owner
Relationships Rich Reynolds - District Attorney
Ted Bennet - Mayor
Anthony "Red" Cervelli - Contemporary
Vincent Savino - Contemporary
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by William Russ
Season 1
Episode "Pilot"
Mert Hage is a casino owner in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Hage owns the Tumbleweed Club on the Las Vegas Strip.[1]

Season 1Edit

The Tumbleweed is robbed by a gang of bikers. They chain a slot machine to one of their bikes to drag it out of the club. The gang are later arrested by Deputy Ralph Lamb. Lamb releases them without charge in exchange for their testimony in a murder case.[1]

Hage attends a fundraiser for the re-election campaign of Mayor Ted Bennet organized by Vincent Savino at the Savoy Casino. Anthony "Red" Cervelli tells Savino that Hage is looking to sell the Tumbleweed.[1]




Behind the scenesEdit

Mert Hage is a recurring character in the first season. He is played by guest star William Russ.


Season 1 appearances
"Pilot" "Money Plays" "All That Glitters" "(Il)legitimate" "Solid Citizens"
"The Real Thing" "Bad Seeds" "Exposure" "Episode 9" "Episode 10"
"Episode 11" "Episode 12" "Episode 13"


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