Season 1, Episode 4
Air date October 23, 2012
US viewers 10.80
Written by Ashley Gable
Directed by Matt Earl Beesley
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"(Il)legitimate" is the fourth episode of the first season. It is the fourth episode of the series overall. It was written by Ashley Gable and directed by Matt Earl Beesley. It premiered on October 23, 2012 and drew 10.80 million viewers.[1]

Ralph Lamb refuses to let his brother chop down a century oak on their land because it reminds him of his wife Marilyn. The Lambs investigate the hit and run murder of Estelle Drew, a maid at the Tumbleweed Hotel and Casino. They initially suspect corrupt union officials who were pushing for a strike that Estelle successfully argued should be delayed until contact negotiations. Ralph uncovers Drew's hidden parentage - she was the daughter of wealthy businessman Randall Poultry and his black housemaid. They link the car to Randall's legitimate son Terry. He claims that he is innocent of the murder but admits to stealing Drew's jewellery box to fund his drug addiction. The jewellery box contains a set of blackmail photos of Drew and her father, one of which is suspiciously cropped. The photos trace back to Drew's colleague Linda, who confesses to blackmailing her and then murdering her when she threatened to go to the police.

Savino knows that the union action at the Tumbleweed is posturing by the Milwaukee mob, who are trying to force owner Mert Hayes to sell to them at a low rate. Dixon Lamb investigates the molotov cocktail bombing of the Tumbleweed. Savino offers a legitimate buyout and convinces Hage to accept in exchange for intervening in his difficulties. He offers local Milwaukee mob agent Davey Cornaro a percentage in exchange for backing off. Cornaro feigns acceptance but actually tries to have Savino killed. Savino survives the assassination attempt and retaliates by having Cornaro murdered. Johnny Rizzo gets wind of Savino's plans and extorts a percentage of the Tumbleweed business from him by threatening to tell Angelo LaFratta that he went behind his back. Dixon links the bombing to Cornaro but the case dead-ends with Cornaro's disappearance. Jack Lamb meets Mia Rizzo when she comes in for a work card and flirts with her. He asks her out but she is already dating District Attorney Rich Reynolds.




  1. Estelle Drew - murdered by Tracy for threatening to expose her blackmail scheme.
  2. David Cornaro - murdered by Anthony "Red" Cervelli in retaliation for orchestrating a botched hit on Vincent Savino.
  3. Cornaro's Bodyguard - murdered by Vic Borelli during the hit on Cornaro.




  1. Dennis Quaid as Ralph Lamb
  2. Michael Chiklis as Vincent Savino
  3. Carrie-Anne Moss as Katherine O'Connell
  4. Sarah Jones as Mia Rizzo
  5. Taylor Handley as Dixon Lamb
  6. and Jason O'Mara as Jack Lamb

Guest starringEdit

  1. James Russo as Anthony "Red" Cervelli
  2. Michael Wiseman as Johnny Rizzo
  3. Michael Reilly Burke as District Attorney Rich Reynolds
  4. William Russ as Mert Hayes
  5. Wade Williams as Sam Kovas
  6. Christopher Cousins as Randall Poultry
  7. Michael J. Harney as Leo Farwood
  8. Jamie McShane as Davey Cornaro
  9. David Gallagher as Terry Poultry
  10. Joe Sabatino as Vic Borelli
  11. Megan Henning as Tracy
  12. Jamie Denbo as Linda
  13. Yaani King as Estelle Drew


  1. Rick Fitts as a Porter
  2. Kim Yarbrough as Alice
  3. Roberta Hanlen as Helen Poultry
  4. Scott Michael Morgan as Albert Durr
  5. Kristin Slaysman as Marilyn Lamb



Opening credits

  1. Greg Walker &
  2. Nicholas Pileggi - Creators
  3. David Carbonara - Music
  4. Fred Peterson - Editor
  5. Carey Meyer - Production Designer
  6. Joe Gallagher - Director of Photography
  7. John Forrest Niss - Co-Producer
  8. Jim Adler - Co-Producer
  9. P. Todd Coe - Episodic Producer
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  11. Nick Santora - Co-Executive Producer
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  19. Ashley Gable - Writer
  20. Matt Earl Beesley - Director

End credits

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  10. Ralph Lamb - Technical Consultant
  11. Joey Cusumano - Technical Consultant


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